Goodwell is an open source smart toothbrush

In the era of high technologies, common household items are rapidly becoming smarter. Progress has also been made to toothbrushes. You won't surprise anyone with electric brushes, for now, really "smart" brushes are still a novelty for us.

Goodwell is an open source smart toothbrush. This, according to its creators, is a completely new modern look at oral hygiene. The brush itself is made from environmentally friendly materials: the handle is made of aluminum, the replaceable bristles are made of biodegradable charcoal fibers, and the tongue cleaner is made of polished bamboo. A microcontroller and a three-axis accelerometer are built into the brush handle, which allows you to monitor how the user brushes his teeth. It will be possible to track all this information using a special mobile application or web service. There, the user will receive recommendations for proper oral care.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Goodwell brush is now available for pre-order. The regular version costs $ 59, while the premium model, complete with tongue scraper, dental flosser and storage case, will cost $ 79. And for an annual subscription to the service, you will have to pay another $ 79.