Smart sports gadgets turn phones into trainers

Perhaps in the near future, after the end of, for example, a tennis match, the loser, before drinking a sip of water, will grab a smartphone from an assistant to find out the reason for his failure.

Every day in the world there are more and more electronic devices that determine the pitch speed, impact force, curvature of the arc of a basketball throw and other parameters. And what is interesting, they are all designed mainly for amateur athletes.

The technology that packs various sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes into regular sports gear has pioneered a booming new sports industry. Millions of sports fans are actively using smart diets, tennis rackets, sneakers and other equally smart sports equipment.

One example is the Babolat tennis racket. Last year, she released a model with a built-in Play Pure Drive for $ 399. The device consists of three sensors that track movements and vibration levels.

The racket fixes the point of reception of the ball, the number of hits, unsuccessful hits. All this is colorfully reflected on the smartphone screen, thanks to the corresponding application, which also counts the total number of hits, hits and misses.

The 94Fifty basketball device looks like an ordinary basketball, inside of which there are sensors measuring the arc of each shot, the level of dribbling and the activity of the players.

Adidas, in turn, has offered an original version of the "smart" soccer ball - miCoach Smart Ball, which collects detailed information about each hit.