Created a glove with a smartphone remote control function

The authors of the development are a group of engineers from Boston led by Ben Harris. They named the new technology GoGlove. Now, to control the smartphone, it is enough just to move your finger, while the gadget itself will peacefully lie in your pocket or in your bag, obediently following all the commands.

The degree of smartphone controllability is taken to a new level. Imagine you are jogging, cycling, or mountain climbing, and suddenly you want to listen to your favorite music or take a picture with your GoPro camera. To do this, you need to make certain movements with your fingers, on the tips of which are fixed miniature magnetic sensors with the functions of a Bluetooth module. Each finger has a specific function.

The algorithm of actions is set by a special application GoGlove. Having thus performed certain finger manipulations, the smartphone user sets the required operating mode for him. In addition to sensors, the device includes special thin gloves, over which you can wear warm gloves in winter. The material from which they are made is resistant to sweat, moisture and light. In hot weather, the device can be easily moved onto a shirt or bicycle.

Currently, Ben Harris and his colleagues are looking for investors, but now you can buy an unusual gadget for $ 79. With the start of serial production, its price will increase to $ 129.