Hexoskin Arctic - smart fitness tracker shirt

Hexoskin, a Canadian sportswear company, has announced a smart turtleneck with built-in sensors. It is intended for those who go in for sports and like to keep their finger on the pulse.

The Hexoskin Arctic is a turtleneck that uses built-in sensors to track metrics such as heart rate, steps and calories burned, breathing rate and sleep duration. The device reads 42, 000 readings per minute, making it one of the world's most advanced fitness products.

The shirt is made of Italian fabric, which contains 57% polyamide, 28% polyester and 15% elastane. It can be machine washed. The sensors themselves are made of silver and are hidden inside the turtleneck, which means they will not interfere during exercise. The data is transmitted to the mobile device using a small 40 g device that is attached to the shirt during workouts. You can track your biometrics using a special application that is compatible with mobile devices on iOS and Android.

The Hexoskin Arctic shirt is available for pre-order on the manufacturer's official website, and deliveries will begin in December. Its cost is $ 199.