Passwords are replaced by biometric data

Every day, millions of Internet users become victims of attacks by hackers who, like real safe crackers (in this case, virtual ones), shamelessly "gut" their accounts. In most cases, the users themselves are to blame, whose access passwords look absolutely helpless, like an apartment key lying under the rug by the front door.

In this regard, the already well-proven idea of ​​using biometric data to preserve the confidential information of the owners of various gadgets is becoming more and more relevant.

The first steps have already been taken in this direction. Unlocking the latest iPhones and authorizing iTunes purchases is now possible with the touch of an owner's finger on their phone.

According to Hector Hoyos, executive director of the Biometric Security startup, a miniature fingerprint sensor embedded in the iPhone has opened up wide opportunities. However, the startup is preparing to release its own 1U identification application, which can be used to recognize the faces of bank account holders. It is based on the analysis of the user's face, filmed with a smartphone camera. The cost of such an application is from $ 30 per year.

Using this application, you can forget about coming up with super-complex passwords. In addition, it will allow you to set different security levels for specific accounts. For example, general information can be accessed using a quick face scan, while hidden information requires moving your eyes and smiling.