London telephone booths will gradually turn into "Solarboxes"

Red telephone booths have been a London landmark for many decades, like the Tower or the famous Big Ben. But with the advent of mobile phones, their era seems to have ended forever. Today, thousands of empty telephone booths stand lonely in the middle of a bustling multimillion-dollar city.

As you know, the British are very scrupulous in everything that concerns their past, and the case with telephone booths is a clear example of this. The idea to give them a second life came up with Kirsty Kenny and her former classmates at the London School of Economics. They turned the booth into a place to recharge their gadgets.

The source of electricity is solar panels, which are also part of the roof, which, by the way, determined the name of the facility - "Solarbox". Their design is such that they can generate energy even in inclement weather, while "storing" excess energy. True, the booths will still be locked at night.

The Solarbox booth is easily recognizable as it is painted bright green. One such solar station is enough to charge about a hundred different gadgets, including mobile phones.