An air umbrella will save you from rain with the help of a "force field"

People have been using umbrellas for years. But progress does not stand still, so inventors continue to offer more and more advanced and more technologically advanced umbrellas. For example, a team of designers from China presented an umbrella in which an air force field will protect you from rain.

The new umbrella uses a lithium battery to power the motor and fan, which create an air flow around the person to reflect the raindrops. Moreover, the developers themselves claim that two people can freely fit under such an umbrella.

The team is currently working on three models. The first one, 30 cm long and weighing 500 g, is intended for women. The battery life of the umbrella is 15 minutes. The other two models are capable of working for half an hour, and their length is 50 and 80 cm. They weigh 800 and 850 g, respectively.

On Kickstarter, the developers put up an amount of $ 10, 000, and at the time of this writing, it had already been typed. The umbrellas are expected to start shipping in December 2015, starting at $ 100.