Moleskine Livescribe notebook digitizes scrapbooks and drawings in real time

Drawing or taking notes with a computer pen or stylus has long been commonplace. But for many people, the feel of plain paper under the pen is still much more pleasant. However, it is often necessary to digitize something that you have drawn or written by hand. The new Moleskine Livescribe notebook will help you with this.

For notes in a notebook, a Livescribe 3 pen and ordinary paper with a special marked backing are used, thanks to which the pen determines its position on the sheet. To save the digitized data, an iOS application is used, which transfers notes to a tablet or computer in real time via Bluetooth.

Handwriting recognition technology allows you to convert notes into plain text, which can later be edited. In addition, the Livescribe pen gives you the ability to record sound. Thus, the user can accompany his drawings with sound comments.

There are icons on each page of the notebook, clicking on which allows you to use additional functions, such as turning on and off audio recording, starting work on the page, as well as various tags. The icons on the additional page will allow you to see the status of the pen, set up a Wi-Fi connection, or connect to other devices. The Moleskine Livescribe notebook is priced at $ 29.95.