A holographic 3D display based on Star Wars was created

As part of the Art Festival, which opens this Thursday, July 31 in the Scottish capital, designers Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets will present their unique invention, inspired by the popular epic Star Wars saga. They managed to create a 3D display that projects an image in the air. True, it took eight years, and while the device is at the prototype stage.

The device, called the Help Me Obi, is a display capable of displaying an image above its surface. The size of the projected image in the air, which can be seen from any position, reaches 30 cm.

As mentioned above, Help Me Obi is still only a prototype, but, according to its creators, they are ready to develop a commercial product. For this, as you might guess, funding is required. In the event that a 3D display does come out, it can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but also for presentations, visual demonstration of renders, drawings, structures and other graphic objects.