BluePearl - a smart collar for your pet

Unfortunately, pets cannot talk and cannot tell the owner about their health. Designed by leading veterinarians, the BluePearl smart collar is designed to facilitate diagnosis.

BluePearl is a dog and cat collar that monitors your pet's health. With the help of built-in sensors, the device determines body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate. The collar also monitors the breathing and physical activity of the animal and calculates the calories burned. All these data are processed on the server and if the indicators deviate from the norm, the owner of the animal and his attending veterinarian receive a message of the corresponding content on a smartphone or email. And with the help of a special mobile application installed on a smartphone, the owner will be able to remotely monitor his pet and his health.

BluePearl says their invention will revolutionize veterinary medicine. With its help, you can detect the disease at an early stage, which further facilitates treatment and increases the chances of a speedy recovery.

The unique BluePearl collar is already on sale for about $ 150. But for its full-fledged work, you will need a paid subscription to the service, which will cost another $ 15 per month.