Make any watch smart with Glance

Now many manufacturers are trying their hand at creating wearable electronics and smartwatches. But at the same time, some part of consumers is still not ready to give up their classic wristwatches in favor of smart ones. If you are one of them, then you will be interested in a new project from a Canadian startup.

Developers from Canada have created a unique accessory Glance that turns any wristwatch or bracelet into a smartwatch. The gadget is a small device with an OLED screen that attaches to the strap of any watch. Glance connects to an iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies the user about incoming calls, messages and notifications by vibrating and glowing the user's screen. The device can also be used to control home appliances and some functions of the computer using gestures, for this a special 3D Motion sensor is built in.

The body of the accessory is made of aluminum and also contains a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery. Its capacity has not been specified, but it is reported that one charge will last for a week of battery life.

Now the developers are collecting money for the project. They need 150 thousand dollars to start production. A third of this amount has already been collected. You can support the developers and order a unique accessory for $ 70 on the official project page on the Kickstarter site.