Thermal Touch system and smart glasses turn any surface into a touchscreen

Augmented reality technologies arouse genuine interest not only from developers and techno-geeks, but also from ordinary users who will certainly be interested in the new development of Metaio.

Metaio, which develops augmented reality technologies, has unveiled the unique Thermal Touch system, which expands the functionality of augmented reality glasses. It allows you to easily transform any surface into a responsive touchscreen. This requires smart glasses with a built-in camera and infrared sensor.

The developers have already revealed some of the details of the unique system. According to them, an infrared camera is required to detect the heat trail left by the user's fingers on the surface to which he touches. And the built-in camera works simultaneously with the infrared sensor. It captures everything that happens in front of the user and, after appropriate processing, an interactive picture is displayed online on the glasses display.

It is expected that the massive introduction of the unique technology will begin in about five years. It will find a lot of applications - from virtual games to three-dimensional visualization of graphic projects.