Google Glass can cause headaches and eye strain

It turns out that glasses Google Glass, which aroused increased interest not only from tech-geeks, but also from ordinary users, can harm the health of the user. According to the owners, headaches and eye fatigue appear due to their use.

Many users who are lucky enough to become the owners of Google Glass complain on social networks and on thematic forums about constant headaches and eye strain, which causes discomfort. After learning of this, the Internet giant Google, together with ophthalmologist Eli Peli, conducted research and found out that augmented reality glasses, with prolonged use, can actually cause eye fatigue, which is mistaken for a headache. This is explained by the fact that in everyday life people usually look straight or down, and when wearing smart glasses, you must periodically look up at the display.

Of course, this is not a reason to stop using Google Glass altogether. It is enough only to systematically perform eye exercises and in case of problems, immediately contact a specialist. Also, remember that augmented reality glasses are not designed for watching movies or reading books or long documents.

We will remind, last week Google announced the start of sales of glasses Google Glass. Now anyone can buy them for $ 1, 500