Modillian will turn ordinary wristwatches into smart watches

The popularity of smartwatches is gradually growing, and now it is possible to turn an ordinary mechanical wristwatch into a “smart” one in a matter of seconds. All that is required is a high-tech clasp developed by the Israeli startup Modillian.

Modillian has presented a unique strap-buckle of the same name for classic wristwatches. The clasp has a built-in Bluetooth module, due to which you can synchronize with an Android smartphone and receive notifications in the form of a vibration call about incoming and missed calls, messages and reminders.

The creators of the smart strap, Eran Reuveni and Gilead Kirshenbaum, believe that none of the owners of expensive and prestigious wristwatches that emphasize status would want to exchange them for a modern smart watch that looks like a “piece of plastic” with electronic filling.

The developers plan to launch a fundraising campaign for the mass production of Modillian on June 10 this year at one of the crowdfunding sites. The cost of a unique strap that turns an ordinary mechanical watch into a smart one has not yet been announced.