Skylens glasses will open up augmented reality for pilots

Augmented reality is gradually penetrating our lives, diluting the world around us with new elements, both entertaining and useful. New augmented reality devices have also appeared for the aviation industry: Elbit Systems has developed the Skylens viewfinder for pilots. With its help, pilots can always have important clues before their eyes, regardless of darkness or bad weather.

Skylens are somewhat reminiscent of glasses with a visor, from which additional information is projected directly onto the glass. During the flight, the pilot will have the necessary data about the aircraft in front of his eyes, so that he will be able to be less distracted by the instruments. And in bad weather Skylens will help pilots to better orient themselves in space, which is especially important during takeoffs and landings.

An interesting feature of Skylens is the ability to connect to any aircraft and helicopter in use today. The device is currently being tested for safety, and in 2016 it is planned to start using it in real flights. Hopefully, commercial aviation will quickly master the new technology.