Kittyo gadget will look after, feed and play with your pet

Sometimes, pet owners have to leave their pets unattended for long periods of time. It is for such cases that a unique gadget called Kittyo will come in handy, which will not only feed the cat, but also look after and play with it. Moreover, not without your participation, albeit remotely.

Kittyo is a unique device that combines a feeder and a complete entertainment system for your pet. The device is equipped with a video camera, speakers and a laser pointer for playing with a cat.

With the built-in video camera, you can remotely monitor your pet, and thanks to the speakers - and talk to him. Kittyo has a Wi-Fi module for connecting to the Internet and is able to work in conjunction with mobile devices on iOS and Android, which require a special application to be installed.

Currently, the project is at the stage of fundraising and with the participation of Kickstarter users, it has already managed to raise over 195 thousand dollars, although initially only 30 thousand were required. You can support developers and order a Kittyo device for $ 119-139 on the project's official Kickstarter page.