Kitchen scale masquerading as a cutting board

As you know, in order to prepare a dish with high quality, you must strictly follow the recipe, observing the required weight proportions of the ingredients. Weights are indispensable here. But not every housewife wants to have an extra appliance in her kitchen. A successful way out of this situation was offered by the Italian company Thingk. The gadget she developed under the name GKILO looks like a wooden cutting board and at the same time is a scale and a clock.

It all depends on which side you are going to use. For example, to weigh products, you should use the top of the gadget. But it is worth turning it over, and you already have an electronic clock in front of you. Information display is carried out using LEDs on the sides. There are no control buttons.

Another similar gadget - the CLOGK timer has a slightly different shape. With it, you can control the cooking time of the dish. Both new items are equipped with Android apps with wireless connectivity. Thingk is currently looking for investors. If it is possible to organize mass production, then a set of scales / clock and a timer will cost around $ 200.