The world's first display made of thin air is created in Japan

The unique display was created by researchers at the University of Tokyo under the guidance of Professor Masatori Ishikawa. The main feature of the novelty is the inability to touch it with your hands. In other words, the screen literally hangs in the air.

This effect became possible thanks to the light reflected by a special mirror from the LED screen. The image projected in this way is clearly visible from any angle. The interactivity of the interface is provided by high-speed stereo cameras that take hundreds of frames per second.

To control the "air" display, you need to master certain gestures. Knowing them, you can, for example, start a computer game or move an object. A special software mechanism is responsible for recognizing movements, which transforms them into appropriate commands.

Such displays will certainly be in demand in medical institutions, where, due to the risk of violation of sterility, unnecessary touches to the screen are undesirable. And of course the novelty will delight millions of computer game lovers.