Aura music device turns hand movement into music

An unusual musical instrument was developed by a student at Cornell University. The device, dubbed Aura, converts hand gestures into music using special gloves. The prototype of an electronic musical device can rightfully be considered the theremin instrument, created at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous Russian inventor L. S. Termen.

The principle of the theremin was based on changing the frequency of sound by changing the capacitance of the oscillating circuit with the help of hand movements. In fact, this effect was achieved by varying the distance from the hands to the instrument's antennas. Aura works on a similar concept, but the instrument is already based on a magnetic field.

Device designer Ray Li used a base station that generates a magnetic field. This field determines the position of the magnetic sensors located in the gloves, which record the position of the hands. The received information is transmitted to the control controller, where it is processed and then played back on the synthesizer.

It is quite easy to operate a high-tech musical instrument: the pitch is determined by raising or lowering the arms, and the volume - by moving the arms to the sides. Special effects can be achieved by combining the positions of the fingers, or by twisting the arms relative to each other.