The "smart" pistol will only work in the hands of the owner

If you've watched the Skyfall movie, you've probably noticed Agent 007's weapon: a special Walter PPK / S pistol that recognizes the owner by fingerprints. In reality, such a weapon does not exist, but a very similar analogue has recently appeared. The new Armatix iP1 pistol also prevents unauthorized shooting using high technology.

The principle of operation of the Armatix iP1 is quite simple: the gun works only with the "key". Which is a wrist watch with a pin code. When the pistol sees an authorized clock nearby, its indicator turns green - this means that the weapon is activated and ready to fire.

Despite the opinion of Silicon Valley investors about the need for an iPhone among weapons on the market, there are both supporters of smart pistols and their opponents. The former believe that high-tech weapons can save thousands of lives who die every year from shots from stolen pistols. And the latter believe that such weapons will attract a new public, and there will be more armed people.

Nevertheless, there is one reason that will alienate many from smart weapons - this is its price. For example, the Armatix iP1 kit, which includes the pistol itself and a wristwatch, will cost the buyer $ 1800.