The Shortcut-S Keyboard is specially designed for Photoshop lovers

On the crowdfunding online platform Kickstarter, a project of a unique computer keyboard was launched. She, according to the developer, was created specifically for active users of the popular graphics editor Photoshop.

The unique keyboard is called Shortcut-S Keyboard and has 319 keys. Such a huge number of buttons, as conceived by the author of the project, will allow users not to memorize numerous keyboard shortcuts for performing certain actions. In the new keyboard, each key is responsible for its own function. So, on it you can find buttons for editing an image, applying filters and choosing various tools. Also, the user can customize some of the buttons "for himself.

The Shortcut-S Keyboard connects to a Windows or Mac OS X computer via a USB port. If the project proves successful, the developer also promises to release a wireless version of the device, as well as an aluminum Mac-style model.

While the project is at the stage of fundraising. To date, the efforts of Kickstarter users have managed to raise $ 15, 000 out of the $ 185, 000 required to start mass production. The Romanian developer has a month and a half left to collect the remaining funds. You can support him and order a keyboard for Photoshop for $ 89 on the project page on the Kickstarter website.