The French will teach smartphones to transmit smells

Thanks to modern technologies, we can exchange messages and videos with each other at a distance. And soon the transfer of smells will also become possible. At least, the researcher is convinced of this, having presented a prototype of an accessory for smartphones that conveys fragrances.

The unique gadget was named oPhone, and the people have already dubbed it "bold phone". It was developed by David Edwards of the French research laboratory Le Laboratoire.

Smells are transmitted thanks to a special oChip chip. He can store in his memory up to several hundred fragrances. True, they can only be exchanged between two “smillophones”.

The developer does not disclose all the details of the new device. He only said that not the smells themselves are transmitted via Bluetooth, but their encrypted code, which then activates the necessary fragrance on another oPhone.

Currently, oPhone is at the prototype stage, but the developer promises to present the final version of the unique gadget this year.

It is worth noting that David Edwards is not the first to come up with the idea of ​​transmitting scents through smartphones. So, last year, Japanese developers presented an iPhone attachment that generates various odors.