FLIR case turns your smartphone into a thermal imager

At CES 2014, FLIR Systems, Inc. presented its new product that gives ordinary people the opportunity to use thermal imaging. In fact, the FLIR ONE is a case for the Apple iPhone 5 / 5s that can be put on a smartphone and, using a special application, allows you to see the image in the thermal spectrum.

It can help you find an animal lost in the dark, detect energy and heat leaks in your home, or simply observe wildlife. Also, the thermal imager will help you better navigate at night or just find out if the fish has been fried enough in the pan. Although someone can imagine himself as a great detective and track down criminals in the dark. There are many applications - from simple pampering to practical benefits.

The FLIR ONE has its own battery for two hours of operation of the infrared sensor. If you do not use it, then the battery simply extends the battery life of the smartphone. In addition to the thermal camera, the device also has a conventional one, which allows you to add detail to the image from the IR sensor.

The FLIR ONE is slated to go on sale in the coming months for $ 349. An Android version is expected by the end of the year.