Escort Passport Max antiradar will help the driver avoid meeting with the police

There is hardly a driver in the world who would be happy to meet a traffic inspector, even if he is not guilty of anything. Often, a policeman grows up, as if out of the ground, holding in his hands a speed-determining radar that is well known to all drivers. And you can't argue with technology, especially modern technology.

For those who do not want to be taken by surprise, an effective, modern device has been developed - the Escort Passport Max radar detector. When a signal from the switched on radar occurs, the device emits a piercing unpleasant sound, which cannot be ignored. In addition, the Escort Passport Max stores in its memory the coordinates of hundreds of false alarm locations and the location of surveillance cameras.

However, it would be wrong to believe that this device serves the interests of extremely hard-core speed violators. At the moment the traffic police radar signal is fixed, the vehicle speed is displayed on the Escort Passport Max screen and if it is exceeded, then it is worth slowing down.