Augmented Reality Lenses Will Be Presented at CES 2014

Tomorrow, January 7, in Las Vegas, the annual CES 2014 exhibition will begin its work. It will present not only new mobile devices and developments, but also very futuristic gadgets. Among them are contact lenses with augmented reality function.

A unique lens called iOptik was developed by Innovega from Washington. They work in conjunction with smart glasses with built-in microprocessors and sensors. An image is projected onto the lens, which, according to the developers, is equivalent to a 240-inch display located at a distance of 3 meters.

iOptik is compatible with Android mobile devices. This will display information about incoming calls and messages. It is noted that the lenses can be used even while driving.

However, while the iOptik augmented reality device is at the prototype stage and it is too early to talk about its entry into the market. His certification with the US Department of Health and Human Services will only take place late this or early next year.

We will learn more about the new product at the CES 2014 conference.