CES 2015: Privacy Gadgets

No one would have thought just a few years ago that the rapid development of information technology would practically negate such a thing as confidentiality. Today, it costs nothing for a trained specialist to turn any mobile phone, smartphone or computer into a spy in a matter of minutes, supplying information to interested persons to its owner.

Not surprisingly, for the first time at the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, CES-2015, a separate sector is dedicated to privacy protection. It is represented by only 9 participants, and so far it does not arouse as much interest as, for example, 3D-printed candies. But even such a modest representation indicates that we are dealing with a very promising line of business.

Among the products presented at the exhibition are encryption programs from Vysk, designed to protect video cameras from unauthorized entry. In turn, the PIA company offers its services for the creation of secure private information networks.

An interesting development was presented by the company Zar - a case for mobile devices Silent Pocket, which makes them inaccessible for calls and unwanted intrusions, thanks to a special film that blocks all incoming signals.