Samsung prepares to introduce ring speakers

At the traditional annual exhibition of consumer electronics novelties Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Samsung is going to present its next novelty - ring speakers WAM7500 and WAM6500. Their main feature is the spread of the sound stream in 360 degrees.

The creators of the novelty have perfectly balanced the ratio of high and low frequencies, which will fill the space with high-quality sound. The presence of a special stand indicates that this is a stationary version of the speaker. The stand-free product is a portable stand-alone speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery.

The WAM7500 and WAM6500 pair with Bluetooth, TV, mobile phone, tablet and soundbar. However, the novelty should be of interest primarily to music lovers. They get a device that delivers virtually live sound anywhere in the room.

The device consists of a tweeter, a midrange and a woofer. A voice coil is built into the dome of the tweeter, and the front panel is connected to a magnet, which creates a circular sound propagation effect.

Samsung WAM is not the first device to use this technology. At the show, it will surely compete with the Ultimate Ear's Boom speakers.