Smarty Ring - an even thinner way to stay connected

A gadget that wraps around a part of the body can display the time and communicate with a smartphone - we have heard something like this more than once. But today we are not talking about another smartwatch, but about an even more technological device - a "smart" ring Smarty Ring.

Despite the fact that the very idea of ​​a gadget in the form of a ring is no longer new, the Smarty Ring project has something to brag about. The ring will be able to communicate with devices running on iOS or Android (if only there is support for Bluetooth 4.0), which will allow it to receive various types of alerts and notifications, text and information from social networks.

The Smarty Ring case is made of stainless steel and can be sized from 15 to 24 mm. The ring is waterproof, has a display and buttons with which you can accept or reject incoming calls, control music playback or the phone camera.

Smarty Ring has a built-in 22mAh mini battery. It is enough for 24 hours of battery life of the gadget. The supplied docking station with support for the wireless charging function for two rings and a smartphone can be used for recharging.

To set up a “smart” ring, you will have to use a special application on your smartphone. It will allow you to select the brightness of the display, adjust the volume of the ring tone, assign functions to the buttons. Also, Smarty Ring has a rather interesting ability that can be useful for preventing theft or loss of a smartphone: the ring will warn the user if the phone moves further than 30 meters.

At the moment, the Smarty Ring project has received 4 times the amount requested for funding, and is already at the production stage. The developer promises to start shipping the first rings in April 2014. The cost of the ring is $ 175.