High-tech sweater will show the mood of its owner

If you have ever wondered what kind of mood this or that person really is, then you will surely like this sweater-gadget. It is called GER Mood Sweater and can use built-in sensors to detect the mood of the wearer and display it with a backlight.

Mood recognition technology is based on galvanic skin reflex, which is widely used in lie detectors. A special sensor is attached to the user's hand, after which the sweater is connected to it and, depending on the readout data, changes the color of the LED backlight.

Each color is responsible for a specific emotion. For example, blue represents calmness, pink means excitement, yellow means admiration, and red means being in love or nervousness.

The high-tech GER Mood Sweater was developed by Sensoree (San Francisco), headed by designer Christine Neidlinger. The company is actively involved in the development of wearable gadgets and all kinds of assistance for people with so-called sensory integration disorder.